InnovaT Project representatives meet in person in Breda, The Netherlands

On the campus of Breda University of Applied Sciences, participants showed their project progress according to plan. “We worked efficiently and effectively during the entire visit,” said Doris Kiendl, InnovaT project coordinator.

The representatives of the universities of Peru, the Netherlands, Austria, Chile, and Spain that are part of the InnovaT Project met face-to-face on March 23, 24, and 25 of this year at the Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) in The Netherlands. Although the project has so far been successfully conducted virtually due to Covid-19, a meeting where the members could interact face to face was necessary, which gave an extra boost of motivation to the final phase of the project and strengthened the relationship between international colleagues.

Over the course of the days, the participants showed their progress according to plan, “in Breda, all the universities from Peru and Chile presented the current situation of their InnovaT Offices and the progress to date. We also started to elaborate ideas and concepts around the Community of Practice for InnovaT beyond the duration of the project,” said Doris Kiendl, InnovaT project coordinator and part of the BUAS staff. In these meetings, the next steps were discussed, and agreements were reached in order to meet all the objectives of the project, “we worked efficiently and effectively during all the days of the visit,” said Doris Kiendl.

In addition, the participants visited the Video Production Center of the Breda University of Applied Sciences to watch how professional teaching videos are produced live at this university and to take this learning experience back to their institutions. 

Finally, the hosts also took the opportunity to show the Dutch city to the guests, “we enjoyed the beautiful and vibrant city of Breda, full of students, good restaurants and thousands of cyclists in the evenings,” said Doris Kiendl.